Sasha & Patric & Josh & Camilla Too!!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009


June is here and I know that it is going to be a tough month. We are only 1.5 weeks into it and I am exhausted!! I got some motivation again, after everything that happened the last month and a half, and decided to sign up to take the last test for my EA. I take it August 1. I wanted to take it BEFORE I went on vacation...hopefully I will pass! I passed the other two, so I am hopeful that I will pass this one as well. Though this test has more and harder material.

So--the studying for the test started on June 1. I will study every weekday until the exam. I will study on the weekends if needed. On top of studying (which takes a toll on me pretty quickly when I am working, taking care of Josh, and trying to run my household) I am also training for the swim part of a relay triathlon AND potty training Josh. I really took on a lot at once! It keeps me motivated and driven though...and life is NOT boring right now. Too much is going on to be boring!! Also--my efforts in the gym have continued to pay off...I have lost another 10 lbs. Only 12 more to go until I reach my goal. If I lose after that, I will be happy...but I will not worry so much about what the scale says once I get to my goal...I will probably focus even more on toning up.

On top of all that, we are putting up a ourselves...with the help thus far from our friend Brad and my stepdad Charlie. We have almost all of the posts up, with the exception of 2 or 3. It is a LONG project...and the weather has not cooperated much. I will be happy when that is done!

We also decided to join the Montclair Country Club. Josh LOVES swimming...and I didnt want to have to rely on my mom every time I wanted to go to the we joined. And luckily, they waived the entire initiation fee because my mom is a member! Woohoo! They also gave her a month free on her dues because I put her name as my reference. We only joined the swimming portion, because we don't have the money to fork out on the golfing...but the person who signed me up said that we could go twice a month and just pay green fees. I was pretty excited to hear about that and Patric was even more excited!

I can't believe it is June already! April was a you can imagine and May flew by as well. As time passes, I feel more and more ok about what happened. I am still VERY bummed that we do not have a little one on the way...but everything does happen for a reason and I am hopeful that I will find out that reason some time soon. I always said I didn't want a July or August baby, but we don't get to even start trying until October, so that would make a July baby if I got pregnant...and I am perfectly ok with that! If you have more than one kid and are reading this...when you start to complain about how hard it is with two...remember that there are people out there who want more and maybe do not have any at all...yes motherhood is hard...but it is SO rewarding as well...and I can only hope that I will have another one. Josh is such a joy to me...even in his worst of moods he can make me smile. I love that little guy and honestly would not mind having more JUST like him. He is so easy going and adapts to EVERYTHING so easily. This potty training thing has been a breeze. He rarely has accidents...he just amazes me every day.

Anyway--I better stop before I cry...

Here are some pictures of the little helper while we were working on the fence. It had rained like all week, so I put him in clothes that were ok to get dirty because he was going to get filthy...which he did!

Patric and Josh measuring.

Josh yelling "I did it!" I am not sure why he started yelling this...but it is one of my favorite phrases he says.
He picked this up all by himself. He is such a strong boy.
Notice the clover in his hand. He ALWAYS picks flowers when we are outside...sometimes he goes for my roses!! Drives me nuts...but it is pretty cute as well.