Sasha & Patric & Josh & Camilla Too!!

Friday, July 25, 2008

Topsail Island

We are heading down to the beach today. To say I am excited is an understatement. This week has been a whirlwind of emotions for me, and it will be nice to get some much needed R&R.

Naturally I will be taking lots of pictures, so I will update when I get home!

Thursday, July 17, 2008

First hair cut!

I finally convinced Patric that it was time for Josh to get a hair cut. It was so scraggly and nasty. I couldn't help but worry that it was going to come out crappy and that I made the wrong choice...but Patric did a really good job.

Before -

He was having a fit while we were waiting in line for our packets for the triathlon that Gregg, Patric and I were in. We did the Montclair Triathlon as a relay and got 4th.
This picture is from like two months ago, but you can see how long it already was then.

This is actually a staged picture. We were already done cutting his hair and realized we didn't take any pictures. We put him back in the chair to get some "action" shots. He wasn't amused...nor was he when we were cutting his hair.
I really like how it came out. It is not too short, it still shows his wavy hair and it is still cute!

Golfing and Sakura--the last day for Erik


Erik's last day was probably the most eventful one of the entire 2.5 weeks he was here. We went golfing, to the pool and then out to dinner with friends.

The theme of golfing was sand traps and losing balls in the woods. Erik must have hit his ball in the sand trap like 4 of the 9 holes.

Sorry to say, but I do not think either of us will be pros anytime soon, but we had a good time.

Dinner at Sakura is always fabulous. Josh LOVED the soup and the food. He tried shrimp too and liked it. His personality is coming out more and more and I love it!

Look at those cute boys!

The whole crew, From left to right - Andy, Anthrea, Erik, Me, Patric's seat, Josh, Ella, Kami and Brad...oh and Brad's finger...
Our chef. He was good. He threw shrimp at my mouth and landed in my shirt. nice.
Patric taking pics pre-food
The chef doing what he does best...making big fire! This was called the volcano.

Ocean City

While Eric was here we decided to take him to Ocean City, Md. We left Thursday evening and came back Saturday afternoon. The weather was PERFECT! I don't think you could have asked for a better day. We got on the beach around 1000am and it was already getting pretty crowded. We got a spot in front of the ocean and started our day.
Josh is a true water baby. He LOVES the water. It scares mommy because he is way too bold in the water, but hopefully he will learn to swim in the next year or so and then I can breathe a bit easier.
The waves were huge. It seemed like the lifeguards were running into the water every 10 mins getting someone back in from going too far out into the ocean. The current was really strong. I love the water, but did not feel comfortable going in too deep...especially if the lifeguards thought I would need help getting back in. Talk about embarrassing!
Josh is just relaxing in the shade with his sippy. We rented this big umbrella for the day so Josh would have relief from the hot sun. Luckily, he did not get burned! We applied lotion like every hour - hour and a half.
The day wouldn't be complete without some sand burying!
On the trip up to Md, Erik and Josh fell asleep in the car (light weights). Patric and I thought it was cute for cousins to snuggle up together, so we had to capture the memory.
There is no doubt that Josh loves Erik, in fact I wondered if maybe he loved Erik more then me while Erik was here. He gave Erik all sorts of hugs and cuddles...even in the morning when Erik would have rather been sleeping...

Saturday, July 12, 2008

It's time...

for Josh to pull his weight around this household. He has had it easy for the last year, so Patric decided to make him work on the walls of this house. Patric always fixes up the walls before we paint, and this is our new family room....and of course, Josh is sand papering the walls for Patric to get ready to paint.

Also--one morning we were all sitting in my office and I decided to take some pictures. Josh was busy playing with something, I took a self portrait, and then one of Josh and Isabelle.

Josh is getting into the camera bag
Don't mind the morning look I got going on
Isabelle doesn't even care what Josh does to her.


With Erik in town, we decided it would be fun to go to Kingsdominion. We made the trip down on July 5th...a little worried since the weather was REALLY bad, like pouring buckets! We got there a bit later then we wanted, but had some fun on the roller coasters and in the water park. Around 830pm is started pouring and lightning. It was SCARY and SUCKY! We didn't get to finish the rides we wanted to go on, and had to run to the car dodging lightning bolts.

All in all though, it was a good day, especially since we went with good friends of ours, Brad, Kami and their daughter Ella, Joe, Liese and then also my nephew John.

Here are some cute pictures of Josh--naturally--on some rides. I was pleasantly surprised that he was able to ride some of the fun things, and he was so proud of being such a big boy.

Sunday, July 6, 2008

and a Video for good measure!

I have never posted a video we shall see if this works.

4th of July Festivities

Patric's nephew Erik is in town for a couple of week, so we have had a lot more fun lately in our household. We had a very eventful 4th of July. It started out with a bike parade in our neighborhood. I got a few shots of Josh and Sage (my niece).

Then we went over to the pool to cool off and get some sun.

We had dinner with my family over at my sister's house. We were supposed to have dinner at our house, but our air conditioner broke on the 3rd of July...and it would not be fun trying to cram 20 people into a hot we opted to change the location. After that, we headed over to the firework show. I was fearless little boy was PETRIFIED of the fireworks. He took my hand to literally cover his eyes so he didn't see them. But that wasn't enough. Mommy wasn't doing a good job, so he wanted to go to his cousin Erik, who understood more that he wanted his ears covered too! Patric relieved Erik though and continued to cover his eyes and ears. He was asleep through the entire show last year...this year scared the heebie geebies outta him.