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Saturday, October 24, 2009

What have I done?

So---generally in life, when things don't go my way....I dye my hair....this was no exception, EXCEPT, I have never chosen this color before.

It is a bit darker and more red now than in this picture...since I messed up in the back and left some blond spots. Patric doesn't love it...but he knows it is only a matter of time until I change it to another color.

Hopefully I don't scare away any potential clients with my hair color choice.

Was this a mistake?

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Happy Sunday!

On the way to church today, my heart was POUNDING! I mean, POUNDING! And tears started to I absolutely knew I could not say no to sharing my testimony with my church. Every first Sunday (with the exception of two out of the year because of special conferences) are set aside for the church members to fast and give thanks to their Heavenly Father. We also have the opportunity, if we would like, to go share our testimonies with the rest of the congregation.

I have felt impressed for quite sometime to share my testimony...but never felt as much of an urge to get up there as today. And of course, I bawled my eyes out...but every word I spoke up there I felt inspired to share....even if it was very personal to me.

What a spiritual high today! I have felt great all day! After the meeting, a lot of people gave me hugs and told me how important it was to share what I did...especially since there were people investigating the church there that day. I only hope I did not scare them away with my words! (and my blubbering tears!!)

Afterward, I went to ward choir and then went to a meeting for my Young Women's presidency. Came home, cooked some dinner, watched some football...and then an old friend from high school comes knocking on my door! It was so fun to catch up with him! His mom and dad still live in Montclair and just three houses down from back in May when we were working on the fence, his dad walked by and Patric talked with him and then told him that I knew his son....anyways...for some reason today his dad asked him at dinner (and granted Aaron, his name, does not live with his parents...he is a successful broker who lives on the MD/DC state line...but he does see his parents quite often, or talks with them on the phone) if he remembers a Sasha...and Aaron said he did...and then decided to come say hi! It was so fun catching up with him! It is good to know that some of my friends are doing well! But, he also walked away with about 20 business cards of mine, a lead for my mom and told me that he was going to be sending me leads since he knows of at least 5 people that need a bookkeeper.

Now...I will not hold my breath...but I absolutely know that bigger things are in store for me, when it comes to my business...they just are. And I do not think it is just coincidence that he dad asked him about me TODAY...when we first met him back in May.

I think the angels in heaven recorded my testimony and that Heavenly Father blessed me for finally listening to the pounding in my chest. Too bad I didn't go up earlier! Even if I do not get any business from talking with an old was SO nice to catch up with him! And I mean, we talked about relationships, religion, name it! He is a great guy and it makes me happy to know he is doing well.

Now if you will excuse me...Im gonna go heat up some apple pie and eat it a la mode!