Sasha & Patric & Josh & Camilla Too!!

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Snow Day!!

I was so excited for the chance of snow that I could not sleep well the night before it snowed. I woke up at 4am hoping snow was on the ground...and around 7am the flakes started falling. I swear snow makes me feel like a kid again! I remember missing school and going sledding with my brothers and sisters and also the neighborhood friends. It was so fun! Also--drinking hot chocolate and eating combination ever!

My sister and I decided it would be fun to take Josh and Sage over to my mom's house for some sledding and fun. They are definitely our children because the first thing they did was start throwing snowballs. Josh would NOT stop eating the snow and Sage had fun doing snow angels. If I had video of her doing them, I would post it. It was pretty funny actually. They enjoyed sledding, with the help of Charlie.

Patric left work a little early so that he could spend time with Josh in the snow too! So I was able to pull out the camera again and take some shots at night....and I was also able to get some shots of Josh and I!

Here are some pictures of the day:
I can only assume he is catching snowflakes? Or doing a dance??
mmm snow!
The kids loved sledding. Charlie was nice enough to pull them around.
Choosing the next piece of snow to eat.
Poor Josh being smooshed by Sage and Charlie!
Sledding with daddy!
Sledding with mommy!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Playing catch up!!

I am constantly playing catch up with this blog! I try really hard to stay on top of it, but then an entire month goes by and I haven't loaded any pictures or written. My apologies!! From the last time I wrote, Patric had a birthday, Christmas and New Years happened and Josh turned 22 months.

For Patric's birthday, we got a babysitter, courtesy of Cassie. We went out to dinner and a movie...something I am not sure we have EVER done since being together. We also had my whole family, with the exception of one brother, over for Patric and my mom's birthdays. I made swedish meatballs, and assigned the rest of the food out to people. I sat for two hours making the meatballs by hand, but they were great and we had tons of left overs too!

Christmas was good, but also made me feel a little sad...this year really made me realize that I need to have more kids to have more of that kid like joy in my home...because unfortunately, I don't have the same excitement anymore!!

This New Year's we had fun with friends...what better way to ring in the new year but with people you love? We spent time with Anthrea and Andy, Brad and Kami, and even Megan and Gregg stopped by for awhile. Anthrea is pregnant with her first kid, so I was really excited to be with her for a little of her pregnancy. They moved to NC and Andy is going to Iraq in February.

Josh is officially 22 months...almost 2 years old!! Where has the time gone? It still feels like yesterday that I was working full time at American Disposal and pregnant with him.

Now is picture time!!
We had Brad, Kami, Joe, Liese, Corbin, Josh and Alice over for some cake for Patric's birthday.
Ella patiently waiting for some cake.
Liese, Josh and Brad's enormous tongue!
Christmas eve---I know this because we have presents in our stockings...and we open our stockings on Christmas eve.
Santa came!! We must have been very good this year!!
Josh riding his new big wheel! He doesnt quite get it yet, but I thought the bike was so cute and he is too!
I never really put too many pictures of myself on this blog...this is a self portrait taken a few days ago. Josh was done with me trying to take pictures of him and I...oh well!!