Sasha & Patric & Josh & Camilla Too!!

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Fall Weather

Fall weather has come! On the days that I am not working, I like to take Josh to the park. Today I went to the park with Mary and then two other friends showed up! How fun! Josh planted a kiss on 10 month old Nadira and ran around with Maggie and Charlotte. Ladies man I tell ya! I joke that if he tells me later in life that he is gay I am going to flat out tell him he is a LIAR! He is ALWAYS all over the girls!!

We got to go to the Muse and U2 concert last night. I was in heaven for about 45 minutes. Muse is absolutely AMAZING!! U2 was good as well, but Muse is like a smidgen lower than Pink Floyd in my eyes. Their music is magical, and they are great live. I always say that if you are not good live, then you are not a good musician....cause computers can easily change something to make the cd sound good. I felt so alive last was a well needed night...though I am VERY tired this morning! Josh woke me up. Patric and I always joked that it would be weird to have a little one come in our room to wake us up in the morning, and it has finally started.

Josh hanging out with Charlotte and Nathaniel. Look how happy he is!
He would NOT smile for me!
Sharing his snacks with Nadira. I still can't believe he knocked her over and gave her a kiss. I asked him today if he wants a brother or a sister (when we actually get pregnant) and he said sister. He always says sister...and the funny thing is, I feel like it will be a girl next....
I can't believe how big he looks in this picture. Where did my baby go? At least he is smiling here!
He is truly a joy to have around. I miss him when I have to work, but he is in good hands and enjoys his time with Ella.

Anyway--life is good...not too much to complain about right now. We hope soon to be expecting, so please keep us in your prayers!

Monday, September 7, 2009

September already??

The month of August just BLEW BY! Actually...the entire year has just gone by in a feels like just yesterday we were putting away the Christmas it is September, and I am feeling the Christmas spirit already starting (its that whole, change of the seasons, cooler weather thing).

So--to update a bit--

We went on vacation. It was an ok vacation...not GREAT! The weather kind of sucked and I just felt a lack of something there this year. I don't know what it was. When people asked me how it was, I say it was fine...but it was definitely too short. Patric and I are looking into getting our own place next year though, as I like my own space a little more now than I used to.

The rest of August was spent dealing with plumbing issues in our house and cutting down a tree...and my birthday! I am 26 now. I had always envisioned after having Josh that I would have another baby by 26...but here I am without another baby...but we are hopeful that when we try again the baby will be a healthy one. I am scared to try again though...

I have lost over 40 lbs now and can actually fit into a size 4! Never in my life have I fit into a size 4 and I certainly did not believe I would ever fit into one after having a kid! My hard work has definitely paid off...and I feel SO much better about myself.

I have had to work a lot outside of the home and leave Josh with my family or friends to watch. It has been tough to do so, but if our plans work out the way we want, Patric will be able to quit his job next year and we can run the business together. I received my EA card in the mail last I am officially an EA. From now on, I will be signing EVERYTHING Sasha C. Andersson, EA. Only kidding...but it does feel good to have that completed. Now I just need to focus on marketing myself more and not be afraid to talk to people about my business.

Here are some pictures of what is going on with us!

Patric bought this outfit for me for my birthday.
I took this picture the other day and I really liked it. I feel like I look HOT in this picture...and believe me, I have felt so low about myself for SO LONG!
Josh appreciates shoes..he does not care what type they are, he likes to put them on (or more like he likes to put on his daddy and mommy's shoes...not his own). I think he especially likes my boots because he kept going back for I took a picture! This is his "I DID IT" is not the first time he has made this pose. Look at July's posting when we were working on the fence...
These are our second set of roses in this house. Patric bought me 4 rose bushes last year and they all we took them back to Meadow's farms and got 2 (they give you 1/2 price of the item that we only got 2). I have cared for these roses all summer. I bought special rose food, watered them, picked off their bad leaves and admired them. They are doing MUCH BETTER than the roses last year. I hope that they will survive the winter!
Close up shot of Josh at the beach. He had a lot of fun with his cousins this year.
Anyone who knows Josh knows he LOVES Yo Gabba Gabba. I could not help but take a picture of him sleeping with two of his "friends" Toodee and Plex.
The kids playing in the sand at the beach.
The kids playing in the boat at the beach.
I actually used this photo for a scrap book page, so I played with the coloring a bit. It was a gloomy day on the the lighting was not great.
Josh and Sage playing. The cousins dug man holes that week...this was just one of them.

Til next time!