Sasha & Patric & Josh & Camilla Too!!

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Memorial Day Weekend - Sunday


The final day here in NC. To say I am bummed about going home is an understatement. When I booked the vacation, I felt a little overwhelmed by the cost of it, but knew once I got to NC that I wouldn't care anymore, and it is true. It was worth every penny to come down here and relax...and even moreso, to be here with some friends who are also going through a tough time. Not that I am happy about the situation they are going through, but the thoughts that I have and that my friend have make me feel more normal. It was nice to just talk openly and honestly with someone who knew exactly how I was feeling. And I must say...she is much farther in her grieving process than I, or stronger than me! I was SO nice to hang out again! We hope to see them again soon.

Today was filled with the beach the entire day. We got on the beach around 10am and went in for lunch around 1230. Josh was REALLY grumpy, and we didn't give him a nap yesterday or the day before, so we figured we should try to get him to sleep today. Thankfully he did take a nap without any resistance. Patric was kind enough to stay in the house so that I could go down to the beach with Anthrea. We were on the beach for a good 2 hours just hanging out and talking...oh and getting burned! Gotta love the sun and the burn though...burns turn to tans right?? Then Anthrea and Andy left and we ate some dinner. After dinner we debated as to whether we would drive home tonight or go home tomorrow. I am really tired from all the relaxing I have been doing and decided that I didn't want to go home. Why rush back to reality right? So we went on a walk on the beach and then got off the beach and walked on the road. After the walk we put Josh down and Patric went to DQ to give me my gluttonous sugar fix! That was the last ice cream either of us will eat for I surely hope Patric enjoyed it!

I am so sad to be going back home tomorrow. I hope the traffic isn't too bad.

Here are some pictures of today---
The first step of making a Josh sized sand castle. Pack the castle shape full of sand.

Turn the castle shape over...
Make sure the shape is steady and sturdy on the sand.

Lift and see your results.

Josh and Patric playing in the water.

He is TOTALLY my kid. He absolutely LOVES the beach. It was such a fun trip and a warm up for our family trip in August.
Here is me in my glory. I probably should not have been wearing this swim suit, as my body is not all that great...but whatever. I wanted to tan my stretch marks...which you can't really see in this picture, but they are there!! AND THERE ARE A LOT OF THEM! Sorry...I am just so bummed still about them...I need to figure out how to get rid of them so I can feel more confident in a bathing suit.

Us being silly.
We asked Anthrea to take some pics of us before they went home. Too bad I didn't bother to dry my hair and Patric and Josh hadn't showered the pictures weren't all that great.

Anyway--it was a great Memorial Day Weekend. We will miss the beach, but will be back soon!

Memorial Day Weekend - Saturday

I woke up at 430, 530, and then again at 630 on Saturday. I finally decided to get up at 630 and walk over to the beach. It was the beginning of a beautiful day. Patric said that we should drive the car around to charge the battery. It almost didn't start again, and then when we parked further down the island to see the house we were renting in August and the beach around it..the car almost didn't start again. So--we decided to get a new battery. After we bought the battery, and got it installed, we were ready to enjoy the beach again. We ate our lunch and went down to the beach for some sun, sand and relaxation. Anthrea and Andy came down again and decided to stay the night as well. It has been very nice to be with good friends again. We have missed them a lot. For dinner, we kept it low key and did soup, sandwiches and salad. After dinner, Anthrea and I watched some movies and Patric and Andy went fishing. Unfortunately, they did not catch anything! After that, it was time for some much needed sleep!

Here are some pictures of the day--
The walkway we take to get to the beach.

Josh playing with his sand toys. *Disclaimer* I have been wearing a bikini to see how my stretch marks look with a tan. Not quite sure I have ANY business wearing one...but whatever...
Josh hard at work!
Josh in a hole someone dug. He liked playing with it.

Then daddy decided it would be fun to get in as well!

Friday, May 22, 2009

Memorial Day Weekend - Friday


We hit the road for Memorial Day weekend and went to our favorite beach in North Carolina...Topsail Island. We were worried as we got in the car, all packed with our stuff, at 5:45 and the car seemed like it wasn't going to start! I had a feeling the day before that we were going to have battery problems...but I didn't listen to those intuitions. Good thing it did start though, and we were on our way. We got to the beach around 11:30. We went over to the rental office to see if we could get into the house, even though check in isn't until 3pm...they said we could get in like 20 mins later, so we went over to a shop and I bought a new swim suit. I bought two tops for the that is family friendly, and one that isn't. I REALLY want to see how my stretchmarks look tanned...and since I am small enough (at least in my head) to wear a two piece...I actually wore the bikini top. I must say...I wore it well.

We spent the rest of the afternoon lounging on the beach, hanging out with Anthrea and Andy who drove down from Jacksonville...and just hanging out. I am SO happy we made this trip. It is nice to be at the beach, with good friends, and relaxing.

Next up is NY Style Pizza at my favorite place on the island!

I took more video of today, and I don't think I can post that (or I don't know how to), then pictures...but here are the ones I took. Not the greatest but whatever!

Here is the house we rented. It isn't ocean front (cause that is much more expensive) but it is nice and only one row back.
The rest of the pics are of Patric and Josh. Josh was CRAZY in the water. He LOVED it!

I hope to get more pictures tomorrow! Maybe even some of me!

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Dennis visits, kite flying, and a BIG BOY BED!!

Last weekend, we had the opportunity to have Patric's brother, Dennis visiting. Josh LOVES his Uncle Debbid (as he pronounced it). I was dealing with the second dose of methotrexate so I was not able to visit as much as Josh and Patric...which I am totally bummed about...but we will see Dennis again soon, I hope. I think Patric REALLY enjoyed having Dennis here. On Monday he was bummed that his brother was gone.

A couple of weeks ago, I took Josh to the park and there was a dad and son flying a kite. He kept saying over and over again that he wanted a kite. I told him that he needs to ask his daddy to buy a kite. So for a week, he kept asking over and over again, "buy a kite?" So we gave in and bought a kite. The day we chose to fly it, there was not very much wind....but Dennis was here and it seemed like a fun thing to do.

Here are some pictures of his visit...unfortunately we didn't think to get good family pictures while he was here, and we regret not getting any good shots of him and Josh.

Dennis came equipped with gifts for Josh for his birthday. He gave two books that I will not be able to read to him! One day I will learn more swedish!

Here he is opening the cool toy car made out of wood. Josh loves to drive it around the house. It was VERY hot...especially for that is why Josh is all flushed. It was in the 90s!! I LOVED it!
This is the only picture I have of Dennis from the entire weekend....and it is of him taking pictures too! Oh well...clearly Patric is flying the kite.

Giving the control to Josh. He is such a big boy!

And now for his big boy bed...He has been taking his clothes off during nap time. Generally I dont care, but if he pees in his crib it is a big hassle to clean up. I read on the internet that if you get them out of a crib and in a big boy bed, and put a potty in their room, they may get up and use the potty. Unfortunately, that was not the case...and Josh STILL takes off his clothes...but he has only peed once this week in his big boy bed. I was a little worried that he wasn't going to stay in his bed...but he is so proud to be such a big boy that he has not attempted to get out since the first nap time...which my mom had to take care of because I had to go to the doctor to get my second dose of methotrexate.

He sleeps just as long at night and during his naps (though I think he naps EVEN better in his big boy bed). Patric and I feel so blessed that we have such an EASY kid when it comes to change. We took down the crib and never looked has been a week now and things are GREAT!

Look at that smile! This picture was taken when we put his bed in his room for the first time. You gotta love Ikea...this bed is short for him now...but will extend two more times...the last time will extend into a twin bed. Josh did fall out of the bed three Patric put up wood shelves on each side of the bed. He hasn't fallen out again, but I did find him on the floor one morning sleeping...he was just having a campout on the ground.

Tucking in Donkey Kong (who he loves and got from his cousin Erik last year. Erik was visiting from Sweden and we went to Kingsdominion and he won it and gave it to Josh).