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Friday, August 27, 2010

Slippity Slide

I bought a slip n slide for Josh at Kohl's a couple of weeks ago(hello end of summer sale!) and have been so excited to use it. We finally set it up on Saturday(cause I was too lazy to go to the pool...) and we had about 10 minutes of pure bliss...and took the pictures to show it! You will have to excuse my clothes, I wasn't planning on going down the slide. I was doing yard work and cleaning...but I just couldn't resist the arches of water shooting out of the slide!
Don't you just see the bliss in his eyes! (Don't mind the crap back day we will have grass and not weeds!)
The refreshing pool that you slide into...just heaven!
How this man got to the bottom without a drop of water on his head is beyond me!
Rolling around in the refreshing pool.
Extreme slip n slide!
Apparently too extreme...
Proof that I got in on the action.
This isn't a staged photo at all...
I can slip n slide with my eyes shut.

So that was our cool Saturday fun!

-We were kind of disappointed with the size of the slide. On the box it shows a MUCH MUCH larger pool at the end and a wider slide going down. I fell to the false advertising. Oh well, it was fun regardless!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

...Meet me at the Fair!

My friend Valerie posted on Facebook that she was thinking of going to the fair...well, that made the wheels in my head turn. We are pretty boring here in the Andersson home, as Patric doesn't get home from work until 6:30 every night, so by the time we are finished eating it's basically bed time! I called Patric at work to see if it was possible for him to get off earlier and we could go to the fair. Then I checked prices and was like....uh, maybe not. I read wrong though and today was $2 day! So it only cost us $6 to enter the park and then we paid $20 for 20 tickets to ride some rides. Patric also had a hamburger because he came straight from work.

Josh had fun on the rides...I enjoyed the scrambler, twice! I got some cute pictures(unfortunately, only on my phone). All in all, it was a great evening!

Thanks to the Nears for posting your business on Facebook...and letting us crash your family evening!

Josh's first ride of the evening. He was so excited that he "did it!" He came running off the ride yelling, "I did it mommy!"
I was knocking the slide...Im not gonna lie...but by the joy on Josh's face, I think it was worth the price.
Brendan and Josh. I particularly like Brendan's face in this one!
Josh was unamused by the fact that he had to play the woman in this picture.
Aren't they just so cute?

You must turn your computer to the right to actually view the video...this is my first time posting a video, so have some patience!


Sunday, August 15, 2010

New Calling

So yesterday Patric texted me while I was at a bridal shower to tell me that we were asked to meet with our Stake President on Sunday before church. I almost immediately knew what the calling would be for...but it was fun to speculate. We even discussed buying a bottle of vodka and hoping that President Price would feel the lack of spirit coming from us, and Patric admitting to a little word of wisdom problem...and calling made.

We didn't do that though...

Patric kept saying it could be a calling for me...but I knew it wasn't. I have been in my calling for just a year and it is a calling that you are in for awhile. Patric was due for a new calling...he has been in Young Men's for a long time. President Price asked Patric to meet with him was right. Then, after a few minutes, he asked me to join them.

Patric has been called to be the assistant ward clerk over finance. I told President Price that we were discussing this very calling the previous night and how funny it would be if he received it, because he hasn't written a check in over 6.5 years....but alas, my husband accepted the calling and has already been set apart.

I think he will enjoy being able to serve in this capacity and learn a bit more of what I do in my line of profession...

Thursday, August 12, 2010


So...I have like three different blogs that I keep, one anonymous one, one I haven't written on in over a year and this one. I decided that I don't want to have to use different ones anymore. I have used this blog as a journal almost, since I haven't used a journal in about 8 years...and it has been on my mind to write down an experience I had this week.

I'm not going to lie...I have not been the best prayer in a long time. Call it bitterness, call it disobedience...whatever...the facts are, we go through the motions of family prayer for Josh, but I have not really done personal prayer in over two months. This Monday I decided to pray. It was a simple and short prayer, but a pleading one. It is no secret to the entire world that I want a baby. I never thought the journey to get another baby would be so long! We started trying in December of is August 2010! Granted, yes, I did get pregnant...TWICE...and then had to take time off of trying..but regardless, I would have had a baby right now had either of those pregnancies been viable. I told Patric while we were on vacation (cause of course I would get my period on vacation!...its ok, so did every women that still get's theirs, so we were all a bloody mess...haha!), that I just didn't want to try anymore. Getting my hopes up every month has sucked and I go to church sad and I don't want to have those feelings anymore. So we decided to get healthy and lose weight and if we got to our goal weights we would take a vacation, just the two of us. I already gave my mom the heads up that she would have to take Josh.

Fast forward to Monday night...I pray. I simply ask that if I am going to have another baby to please let someone around me that is more in tune with the spirit let me know. Tuesday morning Josh and I are in the shower. He kind of says something shyly, and if you know my son he is NOT shy, I think I hear what he says but ask him to repeat himself. He says "Jesus says you are going to have a baby soon." Now...I have talked with Josh about wanting a baby and he has said some stuff before...a lot of the time when I ask him if I am pregnant (when I am in the dreaded two week wait), he will say "Not Yet...Jesus hasn't told me yet". Tuesday morning in the shower, we were not talking about was completely out of the blue. Now, one can chalk it up to coincidence, because I think that Josh wants a baby sister (as he always says he has a baby sister) just as much as Patric and I want a baby daughter, but since I have deliberately not been talking about babies in the last week or so...I don't think this was a coincidence.

I hope that Josh is right and that Jesus isn't messing with my kid or me. This glimmer of hope has calmed me a bit. I was talking with Patric last night about the experience and he said...well how soon is soon? And I reminded him of a blessing he gave me back in the spring of 2006 where he talked about a baby that would come soon...we got pregnant in June of you do the math. Hopefully this means the wait will soon be over.

In other news -

Patric got a physical(because I also wanted him to get his fertility checked...which we haven't done and may not do...but we have the cup just in case ; ) ) and his good cholesterol was too low and he was just a point or two too high in his glucose levels. The doctor told him the best way to fix all this was exercise! Thank you Doctor...something I have been pleading with him to do basically since Josh was born! It has been one of our biggest fights...since Patric is so much older than me, I want him to take care of himself.

Well...finally something has clicked. I don't know if it is because he REALLY wants to go on a trip with me without Josh (remember, I have to lose weight too) or he just really wants to be healthy...but he has already lost 4 lbs and has worked out every morning this week. Granted, I have worked out every day this week as well, but I haven't lost 4 lbs. It's nice to work on a goal together and have a fun treat when we reach it. In the beginning of the year, we tried to make it a competition, but that failed because we weren't working together. Granted, if I get pregnant I will have to drop out...and then we fully rely on Patric to meet his weight loss goals so we can go on our trip. If I don't get pregnant during the time we are losing weight...I will just look hot on my really it is a win win!

So there you go America...this is the saga that is my life right now.

I do feel very blessed in my life, and from the outside looking in, I am sure people think I have everything I want. I almost have everything I want...I just want a house full of kids too.

Friday, August 6, 2010


Wow...I entirely missed the month of July! How did that happen? There wasn't too much that went on. I worked a little, played Zelda a lot (yes, I have dusted off the ol' Nintendo 64) and spent a lot of time at the pool.

We are in Topsail Island, NC right now for our annual family beach trip. The weather has been kind to us, the waves too. Josh has been having a fun time with his cousins...especially Sage and Lily. There have been a few spats, but they still want to spend time with each other.

Patric has been working hard to research a new marketing strategy that the company he works for should use. He has actually traveled over night twice in July...a little adjustment for Josh and I, but anything for him to do the work he actually wants to do. We have looked for other opportunities for him, but in the end know that he is pretty secure where he is at right now, and now that he has better earning possibilities we are going to see if his boss will come through on his end. Also, next year he will have 3 weeks of vacation...he never thought he would be at this company for five years...but with the economy the way it is, getting a new job is tough. We are very thankful he has a job, that is for sure!

I have been busy working from home....but have tried to keep it light so that I can take Josh to fun things this summer.

Oh--and Patric and I have decided to take a break from trying to make a baby. We are going to focus on ourselves and set goals, and if/when we reach them, our reward is a trip away without Josh. I am excited to feel good about myself again and I hope that Patric is too.

Here are some pictures from the beach..because that is the entire reason people actually come to this blog...not for my words!

We went to Wilmington the Friday before we went to the beach, and this is the Cape Fear River front. I liked this red boat.

Just the view from our deck. Glorious! Patric and I just don't want to go home this year!

My camera was acting funny, but that is a baby sea turtle walking its way to the ocean. They hatched a little too soon though, around 7pm, so the volunteer picked them up and put them in buckets until night time. They would have been someone's yummy snack if they were left alone.
My beautiful son!
I love this shot of Josh.

So that's all I got!