Sasha & Patric & Josh & Camilla Too!!

Friday, October 9, 2015

Baby Blessing and Christmas Festivities!

Camilla was blessed in December.  It was a great day with family.  She looked beautiful in her dress and the blessing was sweet.  We spent the rest of the month getting ready for Christmas and enjoying family.

I LOVE it.  The last few years, I had been sad because I grew up with many siblings and a lot of the fun of Christmas is sharing it with family and friends.  I felt like I was going into a slump because I wanted Josh to experience the fun of what I had as a kid and I wasn't able to do that for him!
So I was SOOOOO excited for December 2014, because yay, Josh finally has a sibling!!  It wasn't a perfect Christmas.  Josh was grumpy on Christmas Eve, which ruined the mood for awhile.  Camilla obviously didn't know what was going on at all, but just having another child in our home, we got all that we wanted!

Let's see what kind of fun pictures I took in December 2014!

My mom got this cute hat for Camilla.  I put her in it often!

This melts my heart.  Josh is such a great big brother!

Back when Camilla was smaller than her friend Lydia.  Camilla and Lydia have been friends for almost a year now.

Look at my beautiful girl!  

I guess this is probably our first true family shot with Camilla on her special day.

Josh always asked to hold Camilla.  It made me nervous, but he just wanted to love on her.

My mom bought this outfit for Camilla.  She was NOT please to wear it.

I don't think this needs a caption!

I wish I could say this was a successful feeding...Camilla hated the bottle for a LONG time.  Only recently, in October, have I been able to get her to take one.  She would SCREAM and cry if you tried to feed her from a bottle.  I didn't anticipate that!

We actually made a trip up to the temple to see the lights in December.  It was a nice night and we got some cool pictures.

Josh in his chef hat and apron.  This is before his melt down and subsequent throwing of chef hat and apron.  Kids sometimes suck!

Got a shot of them working together before the mayhem went down.

Just my sleeping baby while all the action happened around her.  My mom got her the boots and I put her in them as often as I could!

Josh got to go ice skating with his cousins and dad.  I enjoyed holding Camilla in the stands.

Another cool shot of the temple on the foggy night

Another action shot of my little baker before he turned into the Hulk

This year, my family actually performed the Nativity story.  This was Christmas Eve.  I wouldn't say it was exactly to the story, but none the less, I am impressed it was done.

Just enjoying Camilla on Christmas Eve

Christmas Day!!  I have tired looking kids!
I took this picture with my phone and then changed it to black and white.  I love it and wish I could blow it up and frame it.

Patric made my favorite Swedish yumminess!

Trying to get kids to cooperate and get good pictures done is NOT easy.  And we were rushing this before church, which makes it even worse.

Camilla was NOT pleased with the picture taking.

I chopped my hair in December.  I have been growing it out since.

Another shot of Josh's ice skating in December - this time holding hands with his oldest cousin John.

After about a million pictures - this turned out to be the best one and our Christmas picture.

This picture shows my extreme frustration with taking pictures with a newborn!

One more month down!