Sasha & Patric & Josh & Camilla Too!!

Friday, March 25, 2011

I think Patric and I are nuts!

So if you are friends with my on facebook, you may have noticed the abundance of baking I have been doing lately. I am trying out recipes and changing them to be gluten free. Why would I do that?? Well--back in 2004 when Patric and I got married, he said he thought that we should open a gluten free restaurant or bakery or whatever. I laughed and said, no way. Obviously, during that time, I have baked gluten free and cooked gluten free, not only for the benefit of my immediate family of Patric and Josh and I, but also because I have diagnosed members of my family with gluten intolerance.

I don't know exactly how it came up last week...perhaps I bothered Patric again about his lack of a raise (well...his boss's lack of integrity really...) and how if Patric really put his mind to it, he could run his own business, like he did in Sweden. I asked him what his fear was...that America is the land of opportunity...that if he could make it in Sweden he could make it here...and all the other "pep talk" crap that comes out of my mouth when I try to put some confidence into my beaten down husband...which we all know, I participate in beating him down from time to time as well.

Well---his response was, I think we should do a gluten free bakery. (He has thrown this idea at me over and over again in the seven years we have been married, by the way). I said, fine...lets do it. Well--more like, ok, lets think about this seriously, talk with the county, research online for other gluten free bakers in the area, what our competition is like, what other gluten free bakers have done etc...because while I LOVE LOVE LOVE to bake, it kind of scares me to get REALLY busy with baking (how pompous of me...I don't even know if anyone will buy my stuff), and how would I keep up with Josh and running SJP Accounting (which has been AWESOME this year by the way...I am very pleased with the first quarter of 2011 for SJP Accounting.) While I love my husband, and I totally think he could do some of the work that I do, basically anyone could, I am a control freak when it comes to SJP Accounting. But---this gluten free baking idea is Patric's if he wants to do it, he will have to get on the phone with the county (which he has already done), research other gluten free bakers (which he has already done) etc.

I think he is serious about this one ladies and gents. We still need to figure it all out and we REALLY need to pray and probably make a trip up to the temple for this one (I am so grateful to be a Latter-Day Saint aka Mormon), because I am able to make decisions that are aided by the Big Man Upstairs. This is NOT an endeavor that I am going to take lightly...especially since I will take on most of the baking in the beginning, as Patric still has a full time job (which we had a goal for him to get out of soon...) and still run SJP Accounting AND still be a stay at home mom. I am exhausted just THINKING about it....but if it is truly what we are supposed to do, I am up to the challenge, and definitely excited to see Patric have some life in him again. I think his job has drained the life out of him...whether he sees it or not!

So while we are still in the research and development stages and maybe never will get to the actual opening of a gluten free business (which would initially be run from our home, but we have some long term goals, at least in our heads...for a storefront), you will continue to see yummy baked goodies posted on facebook and my runs to your house (if you are one of the lucky ones) with treats that I need you to try out ... so I don't gain a million pounds in this process (thank GOODNESS I bought a 6 month gym pass!!) Try not to drool too much on the computer screen...because I gotta tell you, all that I have baked this week have been AMAZING! And most importantly, I think that yummy gluten free treats are a must for those who suddenly have to change their diet!

So---what are your thoughts? am I nutso?

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Josh is four??!

Where did the time go? I still remember the days leading up to his birth. I somewhat remember the hospital stay. I definitely remember the cuddly newborn days. But now my little boy is four? This must be a mistake! I have memories when I was four. I guess I need to start being a better parent since his memory is going to be getting better!

Anyway--I have been somewhat busy (ok a lot busy) these past few weeks and the mommy guilt set in quite a bit, so we did Josh's birthday fun this year. We got him presents (which some we had bought before Christmas, we just held onto them), and decided that we were going to take him to Chuck E Cheese's for his birthday dinner. We have never taken him to Chuck E Cheese's and the last time I went was for my niece Rebecca's like third birthday or something. Luckily it was a Monday night, so it wasn't too crazy. I kept going back and forth as to whether I should invite Josh's friend Brendan and our friends Chris and Valerie. Part of me wanted Josh's bestie there, but the other part of me didn't want to put our friends through the chaos. I decided to ask anyway, and they actually wanted to come. So that made Josh happy, and of course, us happy!

Here are some pictures of Josh on his birthday.

He is standing next to his "grow chart" that we created on our wall. He has grown an inch in a month! He is wearing his new Shaun White shirt. Ever since the olympics, he loves Shaun White, and target carries his clothing line, so when we walk past his picture he yells, "Shaun White!"
Two things Josh loves, cars and Toy Story. Luckily, hotwheels has combined them! This is a buzz hotwheel.
I actually think he is mocking me in this picture, because I asked him to smile.
We saw this big sidewalk chalk and just couldn't resist buying them for him.
All of Josh's loot. Toy Story 2, sidewalk chalk, a Mickey Mouse puzzle, the game Trouble, Buzz car and a Toy Story sticker book. He was satisfied.
Also--every week when we go food shopping, he has to see the M&M cake. So naturally, when we asked him what type of cake he wanted for his birthday he wanted the M&M cake. It was delicious!

Now you think that would end the festivities of Josh's birth. But no. One Sunday morning, back in January I believe, Patric sat down with Josh and asked if he wanted a birthday party. Of course a kid is going to want a birthday party. I immediately said, we have to limit the amount of friends that come. We have a lot of friends with kids in our church, but I couldn't fathom inviting everyone, so if your kid was not invited, it wasn't because we didn't want your child to be was because we don't have the space or resources to have a party that big! We told Josh that he could pick eight friends. It did get bumped up to ten friends, but one couldn't make it, so we ended up having ten kids at our house yesterday (including Josh). I hope that they had fun. Luckily the weather was beautiful, so we spent a lot of time outside, blowing bubbles, swinging, and exploring the back yard.

We also played a different version of musical chairs and hot potato. Of course, the theme was Toy Story, since my child has loved Toy Story since the existence of his life! They also enjoyed cupcakes and ice cream and opening presents with Josh. Josh was super excited about his presents, naturally, and wanted to plow right through them. We made him stop after each present, and thank and hug the person who gave it to him.

Here are some pictures-
What cute little boys...with their tongues out...
Playing on the swings.
Waiting patiently for Hot Potato. I just couldn't resist taking a million pictures of these cute kids.
Playing "musical chairs."
The decorations.
The kids patiently waiting for some cake and ice cream.

So there it is. Another year of Josh's life down, hopefully many many many many many many many many many many many more to go!

Josh--if you read this later in life, know that your mom and dad love you VERY much and want nothing but happiness for you in your life....even if it means we lose a little of our sanity in the process!