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Thursday, November 12, 2009

Playing catch up....again...

Life has been crazy lately. We had a fun halloween night. Josh dressed up as DJ Lance Rock from Yo Gabba Gabba. This year we walked around the neighborhood instead of the townhouses. It was fun but Josh got tired at the end. He got a lot of candy! And, unfortunately, that means Patric and I have had an abundance of candy to eat.

We also went to New Jersey and New York last weekend for my cousin Helen's wedding. It was a beautiful wedding and a fun reception. Even though our GPS had a mind of its own, we had fun catching up with family. We went up to New York after the wedding and saw the church where my Aunt Anna and Uncle Tony got married in....even saw the actual records from their wedding day. I also got to spend time with my friend Sarah. I have missed that girl! I wish that we lived closer!!

Here are some pictures to update!

This was just cocktail hour...we loaded up on so much food, I literally gained 5 pounds from that night!! This is my cousin Julia and her favorite lobster server and my nephew John.
Patric took a lot of candid shots. Sitting around the table is, my aunt Anna, brother David, me, Aunt Laila, Uncle Lenny and cousin Mike.

The beautiful bride, my cousin Helen, and her new husband Andrew.
Helen and her dad, my uncle, Peter.

My great uncle John and me. Thanks to Patric for asking me to go get a picture with him. He is 90 years old. His son is behind him, Rostislaw. He shares the same name as my dad and is his cousin, but we grew up calling him uncle Russ or uncle Lou.
On the way up to NJ, Josh fell asleep with his ball like this...perfect photo op.

Most of the time, the kids were downstairs playing games and watching tv...but we pulled Josh out for a little bit of dancing. He loves to dance and was all over the dance floor....
literally all over the dance floor. That is my cute niece, and his partner in crime, Eliza.

Family shot...with Josh longing to go dance again.

We walked around Times Square...of course I had to get a shot of this!
The inside of the old church my aunt and uncle got married in.

Congratulations NY Yankees!

The Motley Crue.
There was a store JUST for M&Ms, Im talking everything you can think of to buy, with M&M plastered all over it. It was a nightmare to be in...but my cousin Sonya wanted to buy something for all the kids. Josh got the m&m that is on the is a Green M&M dressed as the statue of seemed fitting.

Halloween pictures
Before we went out trick or treating. My little boy wont stop growing up!

That's all for now!