Sasha & Patric & Josh & Camilla Too!!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

What a drab last post!

Ok--so moving on from that last! How depressing! It was good to write it out, and well...lets move on. I was eating really well for like 2 weeks...and then I sucked! I even gave up birthday cake for my birthday...but then the very next week said screw it, lets eat ice cream! We had A LOT of rain...and well, that ruins any type of motivation I have!

We have been trying to build our gluten free bakery. We are in with a wine tasting and restaurant shop in Occoquan. Next weekend, Sept 24 is Occoquan's big craft show so there is no Occoquan Farmer's Market....normally we would be losing money, but Tastefully Yours is going to be ordering our products to sell for that day. I can't stop thinking about having our own shop and just changing Patric's work situation entirely...but we don't have the cash for it : ( We need Patric's paycheck, desperately!

This blog has been void of pictures because my camera has been on the fritz for awhile. I looked on my camera last night and had some great shots!

Who needs snow?? Ella and Josh LOVED sledding in our dirt backyard. This is a day or two before they moved out.
Best friends forever.
A few minutes before they left our lives. I was the only one a blubbering mess...
Yesterday Josh called me into his room. He was very proud of his set up. He has a nice audience for the train race that he set up. I love when Josh plays with his toys!
I went to Joanns for stuff for Andersson's Kitchen, and I always get little crafts for Josh. He and Patric worked on painting a train last night.
Josh did a really good job painting!
Oh...and I chopped my hair off even more...

In other news--
Patric got his "swimmers" checked...his decision, not mine. We have focused so much on "fixing" me...but apparently it is not just me. Thankful for a doctor that said we need to check your husband too..because a lot of doctors will only focus on the female. Well...Patric has a lower, not LOW, but lower count...and bad motility, his morphology is fine...higher ph...basically...we are screwed. haha...well, you know me! I am not going to let that lead our lives. My dr suggests Patric go to a urologist. I went to Dr. Google last night and read about some natural herbs that should help. So now that we know completely what we are up against, and that it isn't just my fault or his fault, we can move forward to try to fix the issue. I read great things about maca we shall see. Patric had a feeling something was wrong with him, and glad for once that I didn't talk him away from something! Oh...and this month was the BEST for intimacy that it has been for a long time with us. I don't know why. But we actually enjoyed each other this we just need to reap the benefits of our enjoyment ; )

So thats that!