Sasha & Patric & Josh & Camilla Too!!

Friday, March 27, 2009

Am I Nuts??

The pictures say enough....

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Only a week late! I said I was going to post pictures after the festivities died down on Saturday...but I got lazy. After we opened presents, we went food shopping and then just hung out around the house. Josh played with his new toys and had a lot of fun. He really likes the Toodee Yo Gabba Gabba doll and his basketball/basketball hoop. We took him to Red Robin for his birthday dinner and Grandma(my mom) and Charlie came too! I think the highlight of his time there was that they gave him a balloon.

Here are some pictures of the day:
Being goofy---and wearing daddy's hat. He SO doesn't look like a little baby anymore in this picture!

Patiently waiting so mommy can get some good shots!

Finally!! What could it be???
He loves sidewalk chalk...or as he calls them...Color!
New books! Hooray for me!!
First thing he did was dump all the tools and little pieces...was this a good idea??
Playing with his new toys.
Shooting some hoops!
Getting some much needed cuddle time with mommy!
Justify FullHis cake.
What all people do when a cake is put in front of them...
He would not let go of his balloon.

What he thought of the cake that night! haha. He had a lot of food so he really didn't eat his cake and ice cream.

He liked it the next night though!!

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Josh is TWO!

I knew this day was going to come....I didn't try to stop it or anything, though I did ask him to stop growing up so quickly...but my little boy is TWO!! Joshua Christoffer is TWO! I remember it like it was yesterday laying in the hospital making decisions as to what we were going to do...I knew in my heart of hearts walking into the hospital that day that he was not going to be a natural birth. I had done enough research to know that the chances of a successful induction with my circumstances were slim to none...but I went in anyway. I wanted my healthy boy in my arms one way or the other. Josh was cut out of me (I say cut, because I did not push him out or anything, so yeah he was born or whatever..but let's be honest, they cut him out of me) at 7:31am on March 14. I would get to spend the entire day with him!! I think I met him more around 8ish though. I had to be put under for the c-section, so when I finally woke up, the first thing I wanted was my baby. He was my little piece of heaven on earth right from the start.

I am not going to say it has always been easy. From months 14-18 he was REALLY the point where I said I wasn't going to have anymore kids...but he is my sweet, smart, adorable little boy still now...even going into his "terrible twos". Sure, he has his tantrums and melt downs....and he hits me a lot...but he cracks me up and warms my soul much more that the bad times.

Just the other day I was in the kitchen, and he pushed one of his chairs from his playroom into the kitchen, sat down with his blanket and milk and read a book. I don't know why this moment in time has warmed my heart so much but I can't stop thinking about it. Maybe its because I REALLY wanted him to like books (and he resisted for a really long time) or that he looked so grown up pretending to read...either way I smiled and had to give him a big hug.

He probably gets sick of me telling him I love him a million times a day....or all the hugs and kisses...but I REALLY want him to be a sweet, loving little boy. I don't want him to be mean or hurtful to anyone....I avert him sometimes by giving him lots of hugs and kisses....I try to teach him that if he wants to hit someone, to hug them instead! Sometimes it works!!

He REALLY likes the TV show Yo Gabba Gabba. In the last month he has REALLY started picking up we hear Yo Gabba Gabba about a million and a half times everyday. He also lists out the characters in the show...Tuti, Plex (which is really cute when he says it), and sometimes he will say Muno...there are two other characters Fufa and Brobey...but he doesnt say their names as much.

Patric and I are so happy to have Josh in our lives. He taught us that we needed to have family prayer. One night, he told us to sit down and he folded his arms. So we went with it...and now we say them every night. He ALWAYS folds his arms before we say prayers before ALL our meals too. He is closer to heaven than I am, and teaches me that the basics are very important.

He loves sports...especially basketball. If he sees a ball, he says it over and over again and reaches for the ball. We got him a bball hoop and a bball for his birthday this year. It has been in our garage for a month now. It has been VERY tempting to pull it out to give to him, especially on some of the really nice warm weather days...but we didnt. Patric is dying to see his reaction. We also got him a tool set, a Tuti Yo Gabba Gabba doll, some sidewalk chalk and some books. His great grandma (Patric's grandma) wired some money over for Josh's birthday, so we are going to take him over to Target so he can pick out something special from her.

All in all, we love our little boy so much and could not have asked for a better son. He is funny, adorable, sweet, spiritual and so much more. We thank our Heavenly Father everyday for the gift he gave us.

We will take pictures of him today opening his presents and eating cake and post them later.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Snow, an Anniversary and a new nephew!!

Man---what an exciting week we have had! First---we actually got some snow! In our area, we got about 6 inches. It was the nice powder snow...great to look at, not great to sled on. Josh wanted to make a snowman, but we couldn't even do that!

Patric and I celebrated our 5th anniversary today. I can't believe we have been married for five years! It has had its fair share of ups and downs...but we have grown closer with each down and enjoy the ups even more! Not only did we celebrate our anniversary on the 6th, but Megan (my sister) decided it was time to have her baby...on our anniversary! To see pictures of baby Phoenix visit their . Patric and I went up to see the baby before we went to Old Town Alexandria for our date. It was nice to see Megan so glowing and happy. Her delivery with Phoenix was much less exhausting than Sage...and he seems to be very different from Sage (at least that is what Gregg says).

The economy sucks. And I HATE it. I feel so bad for those struggling. I mean, we do not have it easy, we work hard for what we have, but we have so much. I am truly grateful for all I have. More than anything, I am grateful to have family (all over the world) and friends.
Our mailbox. See swedes...we get snow too!

Patric and Josh attempting to make a snowman. Patric gave up soon after, when he said the snow wasn't packing right.
My cute boy. I can't get over how cute and grown up he is getting. He will be two next Saturday! He insisted on wearing my scarf that day too! The boy is getting opinions.
Carlie is Josh's best friend. He does NOT stop talking about her, and loves her so much. Carlie was brave enough to jump in the sled with him. She quickly got back out after the hugs got a little rough.
Patric rarely picks up the camera to take pictures...but I guess he thought that this was a cute shot of Josh and I reading on the couch. Josh LOVES books now...and for that I am grateful. I thought he would never allow us to read to him.

Josh realizing that daddy is taking pictures.