Sasha & Patric & Josh & Camilla Too!!

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Another Saturday Night

Well...technically, its Saturday Day...but I have Cat Stevens on the mind. I mean, really, when do I NOT have Cat Stevens on the mind?

So--I am dying my hair...but I am happy to report that it is not because I am unhappy with my life or anything like that. I am dying it because the roots are coming in pretty dang strong...and it has been over a month I am due a clean up in that area.

Life is pretty good right now. I am trying to market my company pretty hard. I have a few new potential clients (I say potential, because until I have tax return information in my hand, they are not clients). I am advertising in the Montclairion and will be dropping post cards out next week. I have actually gotten two clients just from being excited and posting on Facebook!

Money isn't flowing like wine, or anything, but at least we can pay our bills. I was driving on 95 on Friday to go to my niece's birthday party...and my tire burst. I was a little upset, because I had never even located my spare tire before....but when I finally figured out where it was, I was just about to hitch up my car when two guys asked if I needed help. My angels! YES! I proclaimed, they quickly got the spare tire on and that was that. I was on my way to the party again. I will be better prepared next time. I just bought new tires in luckily they are under warranty...the car is in the shop now.

I have been much more at peace this month. It is quite nice actually. I am not temping or anything for pregnancy. I am working out four times a week...Patric is actually working out about that much too! We aren't using our credit cards this month either. I REALLY want to take control of our finances!!

2010 is going to be MY year...I just know it!

Friday, January 1, 2010

Starting the year off right!

Now that 2009 is behind me---time to focus on good positive things for the year. I challenged Patric to a weight loss contest. I need to lose the weight I gained from the past two clothes are getting tight and I don't like it! Trying to get pregnant ruins my work outs for two weeks out of the month, because I don't want to work out too hard and lose my chances of being pregnant.

That is going to end.

I can no longer live my life around getting pregnant. I have a beautiful son...seriously, he is freakin awesome. and one day I will get pregnant. But, I need something else to focus on...and Patric needs to lose a bit too, so a friendly challenge will do us some good!

Of course, if I get pregnant in the course of the challenge, then I am out and the challenge is over...but that will just be a bonus. We haven't decided what our prizes will be...but I would like to see what 140 looks like on me (maybe even 130) and I know Patric looks good at 180....he has a little more work than me to do, but I have only gotten as low as 146 (and that was AFTER my work out).

So back to 5-6 days a week working out for me...none of this 1 - 3 day crap that has been going on.

I am SO going to win this challenge.

Eat my dust Patric.