Sasha & Patric & Josh & Camilla Too!!

Thursday, September 3, 2015

The rest of November 2014 - time to catch up!

So...I let life get away from me...and now it is time to catch this blog up (if for anything else, this is the only journal, with the exception of all my posts on FB, that I keep!!)

One thing I didn't show on this blog before was Camilla's cpap machine pictures when she was first born.  The first picture  I saw of her (since I wasn't allowed to hold her yet) was the Cpap picture.  It instantly made me cry, and Patric assured me over and over that she was fine...and of course she is, but wanting something so long and so hard and then for her to have trouble breathing made me so very sad.

The rest of November is kind of a blur...we enjoyed a slower pace of life with Camilla in our home. Josh loves her so much.  I had her on Friday and ended up walking Josh to school on Monday.  People were quite surprised by that, but I needed to move.  Another C-Section is a little traumatic on the body, and the faster you are walking around the better.

Since my pictures typically remind me of what went on in the month, and because I actually emptied my phone and camera onto our hard drive and sorted them, I have lots!!

Isnt this so sad to look at?

She didn't love the swaddle too much - she ended her swaddling days sooner then Joshua

So much pink!

My friend Liese gave me these cute accessories - I HAD to do a photo session with her.  Too bad our camera lens sucked still back then, so we didn't have too many good pictures from it.

I love newborn snuggles

I put her in this outfit as much as I could!

My favorite thing to do - snuggle my babies

She had perfect fingers

This little girl came out and after the crazy breathing issues, she was laughing...already smiling with her big brother, not even a month old

I love SLEEPING babies too!

First time going to church - I loved this dress from Sage 

Not the best shot of me - I blame Patric

She looks like a pink nightmare!

Josh snuggling his little sister

Look at those cute small feet!!

Thanksgiving day - Greyson with Megan and Me with baby Camilla

We got a surprise - The Terrys came to VA to visit!!  Josh was in was I!

We went to a new place to cut down a tree.  This is what we found.  It was perfect for us, it just needed a little love!

Just kidding - this is the one we decided on.  We will be going back to here next year!

It was cold for a baby - so not actual shots of Camilla - she is behind the blanket in the bjorn.  Josh was excited though!

There is my hot viking!  

I loved these cherry pjs too...not the most flattering picture of Camilla

So that was our November 2014!!

Basically - just learning how to be a family of four!