Sasha & Patric & Josh & Camilla Too!!

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

February 2015

February was filled with a lot of work mixed with just a little fun.  February was a hard month!  Patric left for a week to go to Sweden - so I was all alone with my baby - and work.  Then we had issues with our rental property - first the electrical box started sparking so my poor tenants had to stay with their daughter for a few days because of course - it snowed and the county closed - so that bumped the time we could go get a permit for the new electrical box.  Then, when that finally happened - they went back in, the water was turned on and the pressure and cold sent one pipe to pop a cap off of it or something - so we had to get a plumber in to fix that.  An electrician and a plumber in the house in one week isn't cheap...throw in that it is tax season with a new company and well - to say I was stressed is an understatement.  Patric was still going to school - still working - we still had a new baby and of course - I don't know how we got through it - but we did!

Here are some pictures from the month -

We went to a birthday party at Ian and Natasha's house - naturally I needed pictures of Greyson and Camilla together.  Greyson was born in June, so he is about 4-5 months older than Camilla.

He doesn't look too pleased with Camilla.

I took this to show I don't ALWAYS put her in pink.

I think this was a particularly rough night - and the morning after she was happy as can be.

I went to visit my sister in Culpeper while Patric was in Sweden - Camilla was very jealous of Greyson's moves

Look at that chunky girl!

Patric came home from Sweden with my favorite chocolate and some marzapan to make yummy treats!

Josh and Patric loving on Camilla after being away for a week.  Patric's brother bought this dress for Camilla - we loved putting her in it.

Josh decided to dress up for Valentine's Day at school.  He looked very handsome!

Just hanging with daddy

I started to tone down my blond hair a bit - soon it would be much darker to allow it to grow.  

I bought this outfit for her for Valentine's Day - she wouldn't smile...

I got this shot of Camilla after church.  My friend Beka got this outfit for Camilla - I loved it!

Snow day!  Time to go have some fun in the snow!!

I remember taking this picture at dinner - exhausted - just to remind myself that these people are what matters most in my life - not work - not stupid tax returns - these beautiful people I get to call family.

Mommy and Camilla boots

We always like to get Carlie out in the snow - she doesn't always like it though

Someone has taken over my bed!

I went to Women's Conference during February - I needed my spirituality uplifted - it was nice.  My sister in law, Teri, is featured in this shot.

This is Josh in Sweden while they were visiting.  He loves eating snow!

The stable where the horses are kept.

Josh loves the horses

I love this picture Patric took - I think we need to frame it and put it on our wall.

Josh and his Aunt Marie

Another shot outside with Aunt Marie and Josh

I am going to miss this view - Harry and Marie sold their horse farm and I believe are moving this month (November 2015) to a new place.

This is Patric with his nephew Moses.  Moses is Patric's brother's son.

Cousins Josh and Moses, Patric and Ann-Sofie Moses' mom) in Sweden enjoying a lunch.  I was sad I didn't get to go and meet up with them.  Next time!

Random shot of me enjoying a fire with Camilla in my arms

More tummy time from my now 3 month old.