Sasha & Patric & Josh & Camilla Too!!

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

January 2015

January is always a busy time for me - W-2s and 1099s need to go out to my payroll clients.  I was also busy setting up a new office space with Eric for the upcoming tax season.  Not much fun probably was had in January - but I am sure I took a lot of pictures!  Camilla turned 2 months on January 7 - and she started getting more personality too.  She was already smiling and laughing, but it just continued.  Josh was in 2nd grade - doing well and learning.  We were starting to get Josh ready for his baptism that was coming up in a few months.

One story - Patric went to check on Camilla duringthe night, mid January and he felt like she couldn't breath well. She had been battling a little cold - but we were worried since she had issues with her breathing earlier - so we called the nurse line and they said to bring her into urgent care.  It was decided that Patric should take her and I would stay home with Josh (who was asleep).  Patric didn't take Camilla to urgent care - he took her to the hospital by mistake!  Needless to say - she was fine - they gave her some help with her breathing and sent Patric home.  Thankfully that night she was much better and continued to get better after that.  We had just gotten her to sleep in her bedroom - but with the scare, we decided to bring her back into our room for a while.

Trying to balance a new baby, a new business and Patric in school was difficult - but we got through it.  Also in January we got word that Patric's great grandma had passed away - so we booked tickets for Patric and Josh to head to Sweden for the funeral that would be held in February.  I didn't think it would be a good idea to take Camilla in a plane so young, and we didn't have a passport for her anyway.

Here are some pictures -

I loved this outfit and I loved this hat.  I put Camilla in both as often as I could.  Patric found that hat at Target and at first I said no - then I looked at it again and couldn't refuse.  The outfit came from my very generous friend Lise.

Oh man - my favorite thing ever - snuggling with my baby.

This must have been a particularly cold day - because it was just Josh and I - Camilla didn't join us to walk Josh to school.

You can see from her little red nose that she was fighting a cold.  Patric put her in this amazing outfit...

Snuggling with both my babies

Josh always wanted to be in the pictures with his sister - I loved this outfit.

She got to enjoy a nice nap in the swing while I worked.

This is a cute drawing Josh made of his upcoming baptism.  I think he was going to draw me too - but then he crossed it out.

She would only sleep soundly in my arms while she was sick - this was during dinner.

This is Camilla's first shopping trip to the Mall.  She slept the entire time - it was glorious!  She didn't do that a lot.

To help Camilla's breathing, we got an awesome humidifier for her room - look at that steam! 

Camilla didn't enjoy tummy time too much - Josh was encouraging her.

Kisses from big brother

I was attempting to get a good picture of the two of them.

In an effort to get her to nap in her room - this was a compromise.

This cute outfit was given to me by one of my clients - Kim.  I was so sad when she grew out of it.

This is how much of her time in the office was spent - on daddy's shoulder.  This set up a pretty bad habit though for naps - we had to correct that in her 11th month.

Lydia (Lise's daughter) came to play again!  Camilla didn't look smaller anymore - in fact, she might not have been!

Josh was just hanging with the girls!

So that was January 2015!