Sasha & Patric & Josh & Camilla Too!!

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

May 2015 - Weather finally getting nice!

May was a nice month.  Finally free for sure from the office space - and tax season is over as well.  Life was back to normal - except we had a baby.  Camilla turned 6 months in May.  We also went to dolphin beach and the pool.  Swim team started as well for Josh.  At this point I was wondering to myself - where did the last 6 months go?  It was such a blur!  Now was the time to try to get Camilla to nap better and sleep better over night!

Also - we traveled to Kentucky in May to see Brad graduate from DO school.  We missed Mother's Day with the family - but felt it was important to be there for our friend - especially since he was going to be moving to Utah a week later to start his residency...he got matched on his first choice - and he doesn't give himself enough credit for that one smart boy!

Here are some shots from the month!

Camilla enjoying her owl sippy straw

How can you resist her?

I pulled out my fancy camera for her 6 month shot - this was was my favorite - and taken on my phone...

Ella and Josh playing in Kentucky

I had to sneak out there and take some shots!

Brad in line, waiting for his diploma

The graduation ceremony tired her out!

Playing with one of Josh's favorite old toys

Round two of attempting to grow a garden - the beginnings

I think I came home from a run and Patric had her sleeping in our bed.

We went to visit Ian and Natasha and enjoy their lake.

Look at those chunky thighs!

Camilla's first time in Old Town Alexandria.  We needed to drop off documents to one of our clients.

Looking fabulous at Dolphin Beach

Josh showing Camilla the ropes

An intense game of Battleship

First few practices of the swim season - Camilla hanging out with Coach Janie.

No - we did not give her a piece of shrimp...though I am sure she would have enjoyed it.

Memorial Day!  YAY!

These are the shots from my fancy camera for her 6 month photos


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