Sasha & Patric & Josh & Camilla Too!!

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

March 2015 - Our anniversary, Josh's birthday and an Easter Egg Hunt!

March is an exciting month in our house - Patric and my anniversary is March 6 and Josh's birthday is March 14.  We celebrated our 11th anniversary - but I don't recall actually going anywhere or even doing anything special...I don't let anyone watch my babies when they are young - plus Camilla refused a bottle so I couldn't go far from her anyway - so we just stayed home.  We didn't have a birthday party for Josh either this year - we were going to have a family party for his baptism in April.  He chose to wait until April because his friend Ella could come if it was then - Kami (Ella's mom) was due to have her baby in March - so we asked Josh what he wanted to do.  He chose to wait for his friend Ella to be able to come.  We got a nice surprise and the entire family was able to come.  Kami is super woman!!

March was busy with work still - we were sharing office space with a very difficult person to deal with - and I knew, I couldn't stand to be in an office with him much longer.  Thankfully Eric was able to sort all of that out in April and we parted ways with a person who made it his mission in life to try to destroy our business.  I am happy to be free from him!  It made tax season very uncomfortable for me and many times I was ready to just walk away.

Anyway - here are some fun pictures from the month!

My cute girl found her thumb.  She didn't like using it much though.

Another snow storm - in March...

I had a picture of Josh in this onesie - so I had to put Camilla in it.

This must have been early March because I dyed my hair mid March to brown.  I loved this outfit - probably just wanted to put her in it to see what it looked like.

We were out on a walk and Patric spotted an owl in the trees not far from our house!  It was magical!

Just another day at the office.

Josh reading to Camilla

This outfit was awesome!  She was just relaxing.

We dusted off some of Josh's old toys now that Camilla was a bit older - 4 months in March.

Josh's birthday!

Yay for toys!

Another shot on his birthday - this time with clothes on and not PJs

Success - sleeping in her crib!

Josh's third grade had a cute musical night of what they learned.

Enjoying the exersaucer

Camilla was admiring her fun wall in her bedroom

We bought this outfit for Easter.  I put her in it often

I took this picture with my phone - and then I changed it to black and white - I thought it turned out great

I believe I took this right after Camilla burped so Patric and Josh are laughing at that - Camilla doesn't know what is so funny

There is my brown hair!

Josh with the Easter bunny at Dolphin Beach.  It was SOOOOO cold!

Josh waiting to get the eggs

I mean - it was FREEZING!  No shots of Camilla - she was tucked under the blanket

All the kids ready to get some eggs

That is it for March!


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